Hello, it is Duke here ๐Ÿ˜€ Firstly, I would like to thank you everyone for visiting my website. As a personal trainer, designing and operating the website is a tough work for me. However, one of my students has been encouraging me to keep doing this work, to inspire my value to the community. That’s why Duke is here ๐Ÿ˜€

“Doing workout is not only good for my body but also my mind. I feel great after sweating out; i feel fantastic when I see the result. Most importantly, fitness changed my life”

I am 26 years old (in 2020) and I am Vietnamese. I have been training my body for years (including martial art, calisthenics, yoga,…) with just a simple mindset: “Learn to master the body and maintain a good health”. Life is up and down sometimes and either my health. I was born in a small village with a weak Immune System & body. My childhood is attached with medicines, แป‹nections and being bullied. Until I went to university, the 1st sport I chose is Karate-do (Martial Art) with purpose to protect myself and be more confident.

This picture was taken when I was 21,
– Height: 161cm (~5.3 feet)
– Weight: 52kg
I was a slim, shy and weak boy!

Just a tiny boy in a Giant world

After 3 years training Martial Art, I had a big improvement in my health. It was not easy for me to get sicknesses BUT I had no idea why I could Not improve my Appearance at all. Then I joined calisthenics & Street_workout along with Karate. It can be said that this period was my turning point where I experenced a big change on the body. I slowly understand the Impact of the Intensity to the result: While martial art needs high intensity (which is good to lose weight, improve Endurance, Flexibility & Mobility), the calisthenics does Not (which is good to grow muscle, boost Strength & Stamina). This is really important to keep in mind if you want to lose or gain weight.

And what will be will be! Due to training with different styles, I have had learn more experience to control muscles; understand how the body works and dozens of amazing fitness skills. In 2015, There was a new gameshow in Vietnam called Sasuke (A kind of Ninja warrior gameshow) and I did participate. That was a big proud of myself when I showed up on the TV channel and won a part of the game with good score; became 1 out of 15 strongest man in the total of nearly 130 men. How could this can happened? I was the smallest man in the gameshow ๐Ÿ˜€ And I reallised that understand the body movements is more important than getting a big one, and if you can get both it’s perfect!

After the gameshow, i was inspired more and more to help people at the beach do exercise correctly. I was just a beach boy doing exercises nearly everyday on the beach, and was willing to help anyone who interested in doing workout to improve their body and Health. I was not alone there, surrounding by dozens of nice people shareing same passion!! Everything related to health and fitness was good …until I decided to open a Cafe shop.

In 2017, My health drops rapidly. You can imagine how the stress can destroy a person. I went to see doctor frequently for my health check. Nobody could believe that a young man at 23 ages get so many problems with health. The stress from business ruined my health; my close friend, Alcohol, made it worse! I didnโ€™t live a beautiful life, I suffered it. Is the world tougher than I am? No, it is because I am weak!! I looked back everything and I realized that I am not the one I was. My health status nearly touched the bottom. I wished I have more time to take care my health but my God, I am a businessman!

After 1 year running the business, i quited. I was doing the thing that was Not my Strength. I went back training and rebuild from scratch. I went back very quickly because the knowledge is there all the time, what i need to do is just to take time for it, at least 1 hour per day for exercising. And this thinking maintains my good shape and good health until now eventhough I have been dealing with other stresses.

“Be friend with those you admire. You are going to be one of them”

2019 is an important mark, I became a Personal Trainer as my friend’s wish :D. Though I have been training for 8 years; understand body quite well; can do many amazing fitness tricks and skills and inspire hundereds of people to change their body, I have never think of becoming a personal trainer until one of my friend ask me to do. Why not? That is what I am doing now and I am happy with that. As a personal trainer, i am not only going to help people to change their appereance, teach fitness skills but also inspire a fitness lifestyle where they can find happiness and enjoyment in life.

Having a good health to enjoy life is better than enjoyment only, isn’t it? I do fitness but I am still enjoying parties overnight, taste the delicious of drinking and eat whatever I want. As long as I know where is my limitation. Alcohol is not so dangerous as people say, it is only dangerous when you do not know your body limitation, same as others.

Make fitness becomes a healthy lifestyle

Fitness, Exercising, Workout is a endless journey to take care of ourself and to listen to the voice of our body. It will be resulted with a healthy nice body and a strong mind as long as we take time for it.

This is my story, my journey to gain a beautiful life, now It is time for you to write a beautiful journey too.


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